Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This one is River's first venture into features writing... this is his first features article in his school paper...

For many children today, the ABS-CBN show Kokey is very popular. The show’s story is funny and interesting, and is really very enjoyable for young kids to watch. But who really is Kokey? And from where his story started from?

Kokey is an alien. He happens to accidentally land on earth and stayed here when his spaceship broke down and falls on our world. In the show that we now watch on TV, Kokey met and became a friend of Bong, a boy who lives in an orphanage. Bong made Kokey his friend even though Kokey is an alien. Even though Bong is an orphan, he is a good boy and has a pure heart. Bong even has a wild imagination which makes their friendship an interesting and funny one.

From the episodes in the series that I watch, I found out that aside from Bong, Kokey had made other friends later on. These friendships enable Kokey to have many experiences on earth that are usually funny and with moral lessons for children like me. The journey of Kokey that we, children, watch everyday on Channel 2 continues to give us funny stories. These stories give us entertainment, but more than that, they give us important lessons that we can follow so that we could become good children ourselves.

The story of Kokey was first introduced in the movie which was shown in 1997 and directed by Romy Suzara. It was a hit with the kids then, and the series which is adapted from that movie is fast becoming to be the most popular with the kids today. The said film was adapted to make the television series that is now being shown on Channel 2. Kokey’s story is about him finding a precious stone that came from his planet. He also has a spaceship that he needs to repair. Kokey is funny, as he is lovable and also caring. He can also use magic.